The story opens after T'Kon ventures into the Terrain Solar System near the Orion Nebula. His long-range sensors detected their emerging technology. And he goes to investigate. He takes up an orbit in his cloaked spacecraft, but it doesn't take him long to discover that the beings of this world have a way to go before they are ready for an authentic alien encounter!

T'Kon prepares to leave orbit. But before he can access the HATH (hyper-acceleration threshold) to enter the Event Horizon and return to his home world, something happens. His spacecraft spins out of control. Caught in the planet’s gravitational pull, he has to make an emergency crash landing on Terrain. Of course, he aims his craft for the nearest arid basin. Guess what Terrain scientist is in the desert near his crash site? Right. His heroine. She’s researching wildlife habitats. Maya is her name and she hasn't exactly been waiting for him. But there he is, almost in her backyard. What happens between them is, well very scintillating to say just a little.

Galaxies apart so different yet so much alike…

I've been flying around the galaxies at FTL (faster than light) with my Science Fiction characters. The galaxy in the photo below is Pegasus. It's where my hero, T'Kon lives. You know the one with the strange skin color and odd features. His home planet is in a binary star system near the Pegasus outer rim. His world, called Asconage differs from ours in several ways. For one thing, it's more arid and dry and mostly desert with lots of deep oranges, reds and purples. And it's hot. Really hot. But he can take it.

His culture is way more technologically advanced than ours. Even so, archaic laws govern T’Kon’s world and he is going to break the biggest rule of all…  He's an explorer and First Contact Diplomat. He spends a lot of time in his small one-man spacecraft light speed jumping through Event Horizons, studying and sometimes rendering aid to planets and cultures on the cusp of deep space travel.

It's about time he met his heroine, don't you think? She's from a planet much like our Earth, called Terrain. The cultures there are just about ready to give deep space flight a shot, though they have spent way to much time and energy warring amongst themselves.

Science Fiction Romance

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