A Science Fiction Lexicon

Particulate Eradicator is a debris-filtering apparatus designed to maintain a spacecraft's quantum spatial engine integrity.

Phase Fuser is an instrument that emits a fine particle beam of laser light used for many applications, including repairs on the ship.

Proactive Immunity is an evolved genetic trait found in T’Kon’s species. His immune system seeks out and kills harmful bacteria and microorganisms both internally and externally.

Scanners and Sensors are devices that detect electromagnetic fields including full spectrum light and radio frequencies. This technology enabled T’Kon to find and observe Terrain, Maya’s planet.

Shielding is the biological chameleon-like ability T’Kon has which enables him to manipulate magnetic fields and mimic the surrounding environment. Thus, he can appear invisible.  

Stealth Cloaking is a projection of charged particles that manipulate light waves around a spacecraft making it appear invisible.

Stealth Shields is an electromagnetic barrier that protects a ship by deflecting attacks, intrusions, and collisions. This protected T'Kon and his spacecraft when he crashed on Maya's world.

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Binary Star System is a group of planets revolving in a fixed orbit around two suns. T'Kon's world, Asconage, is one of them.

Bio-Comp Suit is a spongy compression covering that conforms in a tight fit on the body adapting to and protecting the wearer during deep space travel. This shimmer-gray suit worn by T’Kon puzzled Maya when she first encountered him.

Event Horizon is the gateway leading into a wormhole that allows a spacecraft to travel vast distances from one destination to another across galaxies.

FTL (Faster Than Light) is the ability a spacecraft has to travel in deep space far exceeding the speed of light. While in FTL, speeds could essentially reach billions of miles per second or more. 

HATH (Hyper-Acceleration Threshold) is the burst of speed that occurs as a spacecraft enters the Event Horizon.

Inertial Dampeners are mechanisms that prevent the effects of gravitational forces caused by space travel and the acceleration or deceleration created by FTL.

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